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Birthing & Cria Registration

May 15&16, 2021 at Cinco C's Alpacas
These sessions are hands on. This 2-day workshop is always a favorite one and registration fills up quickly. Learning how to prepare yourself for that small percentage of time that something can go wrong is time well spent. Plus birthing the cria is but one small, albeit an important, aspect of raising alpacas. Failure to Thrive can be a nightmare to correct and preventing this cria problem is much easier than treating it.
• Practice in wet lab simulation
• Identify dystocias and when to intervene
• Learn how to correct dystocias and when to call the veterinarian
• Describe cria care during its first year of life and more!

Breeding problems happen and keeping good records and understanding hormone cycles will go a long way in helping you and your veterinarian solve those problems.
• Discuss normal breeding cycles & behavior testing
• Learn about hand breeding and field breeding
• Describe common breeding problems
• Learn about breeding programs
• Discuss EPDs and other methods for making breeding decisions.

Lunch included

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