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Alpaca 101 Registration

February 20, 2021 at Cinco C's Alpacas
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This session is for those persons interested in raising alpacas either as a hobby or business. We will cover many topics including
• Alpaca Facts & Basic Care
• Overview of fiber & conformation
• Farm/ranch requirements
• Financial aspects
• Alpaca Shows & Registration
• Purchasing the right alpacas for your needs

A fun and informative look at the alpaca industry from the inside. You’ll explore the many aspects of owning alpacas, from investment and financial considerations to fiber and what to do with it. We’ll talk about fencing, facilities, pastures, nutrition and husbandry. Then we’ll give you hands-on information about selecting alpacas for your purpose. Please wear appropriate clothing as we will spend time in the barn where…. You’ll meet and touch the alpacas, tour the barn, and find answers to as many questions as you care to ask.

These sessions are hands on. You will learn by doing.

Lunch Included

Contact Carol for lodging 814-598-1667